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Download this PDF map of all four Madison Retriever Club Properties

Gallagher Property

970 Gallagher Ln
Stoughton, WI

Purchased in 2001, this property is evolving into a fine training site.  It is located on Gallagher Lane, off of County Hwy A, between Stoughton and Oregon, Wisconsin.

Photo courtesy of Julie Luther


Hook Lake Property

1821 Labrador Rd
Oregon, WI

This property is always a challenge for our first time junior/senior handlers. When the lily pads are in bloom it looks like a sea of white bumpers! This property is located at 1821 Labrador Rd, Oregon, WI.
Our clubhouse is located at this property.

Photo courtesy of Julie Luther

Stoughton Property

2837 Hogie Rd
Stoughton, WI

This property allows an almost unlimited variety of training/test set ups for both land and water work. Don't be surprised when the ducks and geese land right in the middle of your set up! You'll find this property on Hauge Rd, just off of State Hwy 138 South, between Stoughton and Cooksville, WI.

Photo courtesy of Julie Luther...view property

'W' Property

1437 County Rd W
Stoughton, WI

This is our newest property, purchased in 2010.  Roads were installed in 2011 and the small farm pond on the property was expanded in 2012 to add the ability for water training on this property.  The property will continue to be enhanced in the coming years.

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